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Skype Search Tool

"Skype ID" + "Pampered Chef"

"Skype me" + "Pampered Chef"

Learn how to use this tool:


Stage 1: Make Contact

Copy this to notepad so you can quickly copy and paste your messages to new contacts.

Initial contact message to get someone to add you to their Skype contacts:

Hi, I see you're an entrepreneur too. It would be great to help each other and share ideas. Please add me on skype. Thanks, NAME


Stage 2: Build Trust

When they have accepted you, message this:

Hey there (y)

When they respond…(doesn’t matter how they respond)

Do you work from home or not yet?

They will answer along these lines.... "Yes, been doing it for 6 years…." or "No, but I want to be"…. whatever they answer, it's pretty irrelevant.

Now ask some questions to get them chatting about themselves and what they do. The law of reciprocity means that the more interest you show in them, the more likely they are to show an interest in you and ask you what you do. Ask questions that begin with how, who, what, when, where and why. These types of questions cannot be answered with "yes or no" They are called "open questions".

Which company are you working with? How long have you been with them? What attracted you to the business? How much do you think you might be able to earn with them? How's it going so far?

Let them tell you about who they are working with - this will make it easier for you to share your opportunity with them. When you ask someone what they do, they almost always ask you what you do.


Stage 3: Offer Your Opportunity

Your reply when they tell you about their business is to say...

It's sounds interesting. Send me a link so I can take a look. By the way, are you open to looking at something new?

The most likely reply will be, "Sure, what have you got?" then say...

Great. Have a look at this, I think you'll like it: YOURLINK (give them your business opportunity link)

I've got to get on with some other stuff now but perhaps we can chat again tomorrow once we've had a chance to look at each others business?

Thanks (handshake)


Stage 4: The Follow Up

Always follow up with anyone you have given a link to who is going to view your business. Treat your business seriously if you want a serious income. In any business, the top earners are ALWAYS the ones who WORK hardest. The more you work, the more you'll earn. Simple.

TOP TIP: Get to know people and be genuine. NEVER just hit someone with an opportunity link without getting their permission. Get to know people. You could be working with them for years. You will NEVER get any sign ups by being rude!


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