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YouTube Marketing - Lead Search Tool


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Need more ideas?:


Subject: Please respond [YouTube]


Hi there (name), I've just been on your YouTube channel and it looks fantastic. I was wondering if you were open to looking at a new income opportunity that is storming YouTube. Let me know if you'd like some details. Many thanks, and keep up the great work! (yourname)

Attach a video - introducing yourself for even better conversion rates!

When they reply, that's your chance to build up a friendship and give them your business opportunity link.



Example messages you can send to a contact on on YouTube who has given their Skype contact details:

Initial contact request

Please add me on skype so I can learn about your business I found details on your YouTube channel. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, YOURNAME

When they have accepted you, message this:

Hey there (y)

When they respond…(doesn’t matter how they respond)

Do you work from home full-time?

They will answer along these lines.... "Yes, been doing it for 6 years…." or "No, but I want to be"…. whatever they answer, it's pretty irrelevant.

OK great. Remind me, which business are you promoting?

Let them tell you about who they are working with - this will make it easier for you to share your opportunity with them. When you ask someone what they do, they almost always ask you what you do.

Great, send me a link and I'll take a look. By the way, are you open to looking at a new income stream?

If they reply "No" then say... "OK no worries. Thanks" and move on to the next contact. Otherwise say,

Great! Have a look at this and let me know what you think: YOURLINK (give them your business opportunity link)

Always follow up with anyone you have given a link to who is going to view your business (ideally within 30 minutes or less) Treat your business seriously if you want a serious income. In any business, the top earners are ALWAYS the ones who WORK hardest. The more you work, the more you'll earn. Simple.

TOP TIP: Get to know people and be genuine. NEVER just hit someone with an opportunity link without getting their permission and getting to know them a bit first. You will NEVER get any sign ups by being rude! You could be working with someone for years and it can be very beneficial to both of you to build a genuine relationship. Always encourage them to tell you about themselves first. People love talking about themselves. When they do that, they will almost always ask you what you do for a living or what business you are involved with, which is the correct way to having a great conversation with them about your opportunity.


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