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Solo Ads

A "Solo ad" is where someone will email your offer to their email list, without promoting anything else in the email.

Most solo ad providers sell their services "per click". For example you might buy 100 clicks from a solo ad for around $30 (this is a typical price).

If the email is sent and it only gets 70 clicks, the solo ad provider will send again to get the remaining 30 clicks. Most quality solo ad sellers will get you more clicks than you paid for, espeically if the email is well written. Solo ad providers usually provide a trackable link so you can see how many clicks you have received and where they have come from (to verify they are not just buying cheap traffic exchange clicks for example)

Buying Solo Ads

There is a great service where you can buy solo ads from hundreds of quality email list owners. It's called Safe Swaps. Click Here to join SafeSwaps for free (also watch the video below for a quick overview of how it works)


Click Here to join SafeSwaps for free

Solo ads are a great way to get some quick clicks and customers and referrals for your business. They are also a great way to earn some extra income as you build your own list.

Great Solo Ad and List Building Tip!

For the slightly more advanced user, here's a quick tip when using Solo Ads.

Using your own lead capture pages to build your own list of contacts. (Check out PureLeverage for some great lead capture pages and auto responders). Once you have built your own list you can then do "Solo Swaps" with other list owners and build your list even more.

For example, once you've built a list (say of 300-500 contacts) you can further build your list even more, all free of charge, by simply ad-swapping with other list owners on the Safe Swaps site. See the tutorial video above for more details.

More information:

I recommend you read this very informative PDF by Igor Kheifets about Solo ads and getting the most from them.

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