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SafeList Email Marketing

There are a number of membership sites that offer you the chance to email other members in exchange for them being able to email you. For example, if you receive 100 emails from other members pitching their stuff, you would be allowed to send 100 emails. This is known as a 1:1 exchange.

The natural question would be "Why would anyone be interested in YOUR business in a SafeList if all they want to do is pitch their business?". It's simply a numbers game again. If you take a sample of 1,000 people who are pitching a business, the chances are that at any one moment, 1% are just about to give up with their business. i.e. 10 in 1,000 people are just about to "look for something different" and that's why SafeList email marketing can work.

However, because most people are simply using SafeList email systems to promote their own business, the conversion rates are VERY low. The only way to use SafeList marketing to generate enough interest in a business you are promoting is to PAY TO ADVERTISE to the list. Do NOT think you will ever be able to EARN enough credit through receiving emails to get any sales for your business. It will NEVER happen. You must act like a professional.

On other words, rather than having to look at 100 emails to be able to send 100 emails, you BUY credits that allow you send emails without having to look at any emails yourself.

Remember that you will need THOUSANDS of emails to get sign ups to whatever business you are promoting so you should be considering spending around $30 per month with each SafeList marketing system if you want success with them.

Here's some SafeList's I've used in the past to build some of my businesses and they have worked very effectively. You need to be organised to make sure you mail every 3 days. They are not as effective today as they used to be but they still get my thumbs up as another way of growing your business. It's another string to your marketing bow.

My Top Recommended SafeLists

REMINDER: Do NOT go for the FREE membership, you will be wasting your time.

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