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PTC Marketing

PTC marketing is one of my favourite forms of online advertising. It's quick, cheap and can give great results. In PTC advertising, you place an advert on a website where the users are paid to click on the advertisements.

A question you might ask is "why would you want to advertise to people who's only reason to click on adverts is to earn money?". Well, that's a good audience to promote a "home business opportunity" too. These people are all wanting to make some extra money, that's why they are clicking on the adverts. It's simply a numbers game. Some people will have been clicking on adverts on PTC sites long enough to realise they can only earn tiny amounts of money and so they start to pay more attention to the adverts they are seeing and some will join your business. It's still low conversion rates, but for the cost it can represent a great "return on investment".

One thing you do want to do with PTC advertising is make sure you use PTC sites where you can target by country (no offense, but there's no point in trying to get people from Bangladesh joining a business that costs more than $5 to join). If you can't target by country, then you want to make sure your adverts only run at times when the USA and Europe are awake. This is typically between 7pm and midnight, UK time.

Here's my top recommended Pay To Click (PTC) Sites for advertising: Note, it is always best track clicks from Pay To Click sites so you can verify which country the clicks are coming from and how fast. Use (create a FREE account) to shorten the URL you are advertising as this will also allow you to see how many clicks you get, and where they come from.

ClixSense - Join Here

Notes: Use 15 second or 30 second adverts as these allow you to target English speaking countries which will give you better return on your investment.

UPDATE: ClixGrid adverts are converting really well.

Check out the video tutorial here:

Neobux - Join Here

Notes: Use standard 30 second adverts as this will allow you to target the USA and other English speaking countries. Targeted clicks (called "geo targeting") are more expensive, but will give a far better return on investment. Neobux is not an easy site to get your advertisements showing as they have a delay before approving adverts. However this helps stops fraudulent advertisers and is well worth the wait.

TwoDollarClick: Join Here

Notes: You cannot target specific countries on TwoDollarClick so try to optimize your clicks by running your ads anytime between 4pm - midnight EST (around 7pm - midnight UK time) as this will be the best time to avoid clicks from China, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. You can only pay for adverts on Two Dollar Click using Payza. Only use TwoDollarClick for advertising, do NOT try to earn income clicking on ads on TDC. You will not get paid by TwoDollarClick for clicking adverts.

Other Recommended Pay To Click (PTC) Advertising Sites

Here's some more top PTC site worth advertising on.

Incentria | LinkGrand | Clicksia

Avoiding failure - top tip: The cost of advertising on PTC sites is incredibly low but remember - do not get distracted by the ads you see. To achieve success with an online business, you must stay focused and keep advertising until you have established a sales network that grows under it's own power and has become unstoppable. Keep going, do not give up and stay focused and you can earn a fortune.


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