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PPC Marketing

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Similar, but not the same as PTC (Paid To Click) marketing, this is the "big daddy" of online marketing and attracts some big advertisers.

With Pay Per Click, you literally do as it says. You pay per click to your website, choosing keywords as your trigger. Google was one of the first to introduce PPC advertising, called adwords.

NOTE: A lot of the BIG PPC sites do NOT allow MLM or "business opportunities" to be advertised so you may need to be creative with your lead capture pages if that's what you are promoting!

The downside of PPC advertising is that it is usally done on an auction basis, meaning that if someone is willing to pay more per click than you, then it's their advert that will get the clicks, not yours. This means that one person bidding on the same keywords as you who doesn't know what they are doing may well pay more than it's actually worth to get the clicks, turning that advertising opportunity into a waste of money for everyone else.

PPC advertising is great if you have a relatively big budget and have a product that is really "sticky" and you also get a share of the lifetime revenue of the customer. Personally I only ever promote affiliate deals where I get paid on the lifetime (revenue share) value of a customer but the conclusion is, you have to make sure you keep very close track of your conversion rates in pay per click marketing.

That said, if you have the budget for it and are wanting some quick, high quality traffic then PPC could be just right for you to get a good customer base and your business established.

The main players in PPC are:

Microsoft Bing Ads
(used to be called Microsoft Adcenter and now also includes Yahoo)

Google Adwords


Facebook Advertising

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