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PPV - Pay Per View

PPV advertising in my mind is one of the "riskiest" forms of online advertising, however if you have a bigger budget, it can provide VERY fast testing and customer sign ups. It is also very often refered to as "media buying".

In Pay Per View advertising, you list your advertisement (usually in the form of a banner ad) and pay per 1,000 views. For some reason in the industry in their wisdom also labelled this CPM (Cost Per Milli view - where M is 1,000 views). Typically you can expect to get banner ads to be clicked on between 1 in 5,000-10,000 views i.e. 0.01 to 0.5% click through rate depending obviously on your target audience, the place the banner is displayed and banner ad itself.

Here's some of the BIG PPV providers:



Adon Network


BidVertiser - minimum budget $1,500




Also, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and YouTube (see PPC advertising)

Please note: A lot of PPV and PPC providers to not allow home business opportunities to be advertised on their networks so you may need to create your own landing pages and capture leads first before sending them to a home business opportunity at a later date. PureLeverage have some great tools for marketing including lead capture pages and autoresponders etc. that will allow you to build a great list.

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