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Welcome to LoadsMoreLeads

On this site I've listed some of the best ways for you to get leads for your business. Just select an option on the left hand side and start growing your business and income!

The Skype search is a great method of getting leads for your business if you have time, but no money spare for advertising budget.

PTC marketing is also a favourite of mine and ideal if you have some money to spend on advertising, but little time. PTC can give some good results for the "home business opportunity" market in a relatively short space of time.

Another great option if you're just starting is to use "Solo Ads".

How much should you spend on advertising?

Remember that if you are promoting a network marketing business you do not have to make an instant profit on your advertising because what you are looking to do is grow a team of other resellers who will do some advertising and build the customer base even further. Also with most network marketing businesses you earn a share of lifetime revenue.

Let's take a quick look at an example. Say you earned $24 initial commission for a customer plus $12 ongoing every month. If the average customer remained a customer for 24 months, that means a customer is worth a total of $300 to you. So, how much is it worth spending in advertising to get a customer? Well, it depends on how much cashflow you need, but I would suggest it's worth spending at least $100 in advertising to get each customer in that example.

Have fun with your business and good luck! You really can make a lot of money online, if you stay committed and take action.

Paul Hardingham, Full-time internet marketer since 2001.

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